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Arboriculture is an ever evolving field and requires a careful balance of science, technology and often some artistic ability.    We keep up to date with the latest research, tools, and techniques, and we always attempt to implement an artful approach in all of our work.  Skyline Landscapes offers a wide range of services with the overall goal of preserving tree health as well as aesthetics.   We help homeowners with the local bi-laws and work with the conservation commission.  Your trees may have lived on your property longer than you have, and we want to ensure that they remain long after you leave.​

Our goal is to choose unique and exceptional plant material that is appropriately sized for you project’s needs.  From large diameter trees to small perennial plantings, we will work with homeowners and landscape architects to select the plants which will make your property stand out from the rest.  Before we select your planting we want to know how you will be using the space and what its function might be.  Is it a border planting or sitting area? Do you want the plants to attract birds or pollinators to your property?  We also strive to make each planting as low maintenance as possible within the scope of each project. 
In our planting jobs we try to choose unique options, turning a standard planting design into something special.  There are so many options available at nurseries these days and many of the best plants are underutilized by most contractors.  This leaves us a lot of room to create something unique, beautiful and yet still functional.  Over time we have built up a trusted network of plant sources which we use on a regular basis to bring the highest quality material available for each project. ​

We work with homeowners, architects and construction professionals on projects big and small.   Send us your plans or let us help you create your perfect landscape.  We have successfully completed many different types of projects, ranging from a simple stepping stone path to completely new large-scale installations for commercial clients.
We love incorporating natural and local materials such as blue stone, granite, and brick into our work to preserve the character of New England.  However, we are just as happy to work with modern concrete paving systems and retaining walls. Let us hear about special projects you might have.  We like working with our clients to make their spaces more unique.  Maybe you need to cut a tree down, so why not use that tree to build something that you can benefit from? We custom fabricate furniture from wood milled from our clients' properties.  We also have a certified welder on staff and can design and build a variety of metal landscape features such as trellises and arbors. 
Whatever type of landscape project you might have let us know and we will take a look at it for you. 


• Tree consultation and evaluation
​• Ornamental tree and shrub pruning
• Pest and Disease management (IPM)​
• Home orchard pruning

• Vista pruning
• Tree root zone remediation (air-spading)
• Invasive species management

​• Tree cabling, bracing, and lightning protection
• Wetland restoration projects.  

• Large diameter tree & shrub planting 
• Low maintenance designs​
• Water-wise gardens

• Air spading techniques
• Fruit orchard planting & care
• Wildlife gardens

• Ecological restoration projects
• ​Native plants 

• Patios and Paver Driveways
• Walkways and Steps
• Landscape Lighting
• Block and Bolder Retaining Walls

• Drainage Issues
• Site Grading
• Custom Trellises and Landscape Furniture
• Custom Saw-Milling of your trees

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